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Free Comprehensive Microdose Handbook and Workbook

We firmly believe that knowledge about microdosing should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer comprehensive resources and guidance completely free of charge, ensuring that cost never limits your access to the transformative potential of microdosing. With small doses, big results await on your microdosing journey.

Small Doses, Big Results!

Mama Dose Macrodosing Journey Guide

With the Mama Dose Macrodosing Journey Guide, set off on a life-changing journey. This guide intends to give you a thorough understanding and a clear path for enhancing your use of sacred plant medicines.

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When discussing psychedelics, the topic of the difficult trip, or as some call it a “bad trip,” often comes up due to the intense nature of these journeys. However, It’s important to note that challenging experiences can be just as significant as those that are uplifting and transformative. In fact, the profound healing potential of […]

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Psychedelic mushrooms, or magic mushrooms as some may call them have a rich historical presence that dates back millennia, notably in religious ceremonies. Evidence suggests that psilocybin mushrooms have been used in various cultures worldwide, spanning from Africa, Siberia, and Asia to South America. The Western world discovered the power of these small yet effective […]

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Psilocybin, the key compound in magic mushrooms, has sparked interest in managing anxiety. Many people are exploring its potential in psychedelic-assisted therapy. It’s vital to discern reality from myth in this evolving field. What if our assumptions about psilocybin and anxiety are not accurate? Some people report increased anxiety, especially with higher doses, and when […]

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“By supporting Mamadose, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a difference. 6% of every sale directly benefits the Shaneawana Tribe of Brazil, ensuring their rich cultural legacy thrives in our modern world. Paving pathways for individuals to find healing. Together, we can champion indigenous wisdom and bring transformative medicine to those in need. Your choice has power—use it to change lives.”

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Explore the remarkable healing powers and multitude of benefits offered by plant medicines through our informative website – The Plant Medicine Path.  Here you can also find an integration coach or explore other healing modalities.

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