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two women experiencing the effects of magic mushrooms with shrooms in front of them

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Many people wonder what are the effects of magic mushrooms. When it comes to magic mushrooms, they are usually associated with fungi. That’s exactly what are we going to focus on in this article. Mushrooms have fascinated humans for centuries due to their extraordinary mind-altering effects. This natural medicine has been used for spiritual and recreational purposes for ages, and just recently scientific communities are starting to recognize the therapeutic effects of these fascinating fungi. Without further ado, let’s explore the effects that magic mushrooms have on our bodies and mind.


How do Magic Mushrooms Work?

Primarily acts by stimulating serotonin receptors, commonly found in the prefrontal cortex—a region of the brain that influences mood, cognition, and perception. Additionally, hallucinogens affect other brain areas responsible for regulating arousal and panic responses.

It is worth noting that doesn’t always induce active visual or auditory hallucinations. Instead, it alters the perception of objects and people in the user’s existing environment. The effects of mother earth can be influenced by various factors, including the dosage consumed, past experiences, and expectations of the user regarding the experience.

Typically, the hallucinogenic effects of mother earth manifest around 30 minutes after ingestion and persist for approximately 4 to 6 hours. However, in some individuals, sensory perception changes and altered thought patterns may endure for much longer.

The potency of magic mushrooms depends on factors such as the species, origin, growing conditions, harvest period, and whether they are consumed fresh or dried. Since mushrooms are composed of roughly 92% water, when dried, the same amount of mushrooms contains approximately ten times more mother earth compared to their fresh counterparts.

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How are Magic Mushrooms Consumed?

Mother earth mushrooms can be consumed in various ways. For the best experience, they are consumed orally. There are various online reports of people smoking magic mushrooms but according to users, they do not produce the desired effects if inhaled. Additionally, there is one report of a person injecting a magic mushroom tea intravenously which resulted in severe organ failure. Therefore we will stick solely to oral use.

  • Ingesting: After harvesting, magic mushrooms are commonly consumed either raw or after they have been dried and stored.
  • Drinking: Some individuals prepare tea using dried mushrooms, extracting into a liquid form. In addition, some people create a lemon-mushroom concoction also known as “Lemon Tek” which allegedly amplifies the effects of magic mushrooms.
  • Liquid drops: Liquid is created by extracting the naturally occurring, from mushrooms.

How do Magic Mushrooms Make You Feel?

When consumed, mushrooms can cause a distortion in perception for most people. Colors, sounds, objects, and even the perception of time may appear significantly altered. The effects depend on the potency of magic mushrooms and the quantity that’s consumed.

The effects of taking magic mushrooms can include:

  • Intense feelings of wooziness
  • Euphoria
  • A sense of awe towards people and surroundings
  • Increased energy

However, mushrooms can also induce:

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Overwhelming sensations
  • Nausea

Some individuals may experience hallucinations, often referred to as “visuals.” These visuals can be seen both with open and closed eyes, although they are significantly different.


What are Closed Eye Visual Hallucinations?

According to Wikipedia, there are five levels of closed-eye visual hallucinations (CEVS) associated with the use of magic mushrooms. Level 5 is often likened to the experience of REM sleep and is commonly linked with psychedelic substances. Surprisingly, even lower doses of mushrooms can lead to this type of hallucinogenic effect. Closed-eye visuals are typically described as the perception of random images appearing before one’s eyes, resembling a dream-like state.

There are quite a few phenomena that people experience when they close their eyes. For example visual noise such as the static seen on an old tv screen or light and dark flashes that create an illusion of shifting light before the eyes. On the other hand, much stronger closed-eye hallucinations can also occur such as geometric patterns similar to those which are experienced with eyes opened as well as vibrant colors and motions. Also, some people tend to perceive objects and things, although it’s less likely to happen on moderate doses.

a woman experiencing closed eye visuals on aquarelle background


What Are the Opened Eye Visuals?

Open Eye Visuals (OEVs) are pretty straightforward in their nature. These visual phenomena directly influence the user’s perception of the world while their eyes remain open. Open Eye Visuals can vary from subtle distortions, such as slight breathing of the world around you, to vivid hallucinations where the line between Open Eye and Closed Eye Visuals becomes blurred.

These visual hallucinations usually follow a similar pattern. Some may experience that the objects around them are appearing closer, clearer, and more distinct. People report that the world can appear exceptionally high-definition, manifesting as pronounced edges, deep textures, and rich, varied colors. Pattern Recognition is something that is commonly experienced. For instance, faces may be spotted in tree bark, and tree branches may resemble human-like figures.

Geometric patterns are also a well-known feature of a psychedelic experience. They can twist, shift, change color, and breathe autonomously. Colors can constantly shift during a trip, lights can be surrounded by a halo displaying a spectrum of colors. On psychedelics, this phenomenon can be observed in various objects, likely caused by pupil dilation, allowing more light to enter the eyes.

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Are There Any Negative Effects?

Mother earthis considered one of the safest substances on earth, however, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Due to the hallucinogenic properties of magic mushrooms, they can induce temporary feelings of anxiety, physical discomfort, nausea, and even transient episodes of mental distress that typically subside after some time. These undesirable effects tend to be more pronounced with higher doses. Additionally, short-term impairments in motor skills, coordination, and dizziness may occur.

Magic mushrooms can also lead to what is commonly known as a “bad trip,” characterized by feelings of anxiety, fear, paranoia, and confusion. Some individuals have reported vivid hallucinations that feel overwhelmingly real, akin to being trapped in a nightmarish state from which escape seems impossible. In rare instances, bad trips have been associated with severe mental effects like psychosis.

It is important to recognize that the likelihood of a bad trip increases if an individual has a history of Mental clarity conditions or if they combine psychedelic mushrooms with other substances. If you experience any adverse effects following the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms, it is crucial to seek immediate medical assistance.

The Bottom Line

The effects of magic mushrooms are both captivating and complex. They have the ability to alter perception and the way you think. Vivid hallucinations are also something that people usually experience in moderate to high doses. However, keep in mind that there are some potential risks when consuming psychedelics. They are powerful substances that can sometimes be overwhelming, therefore it’s common to feel a little bit anxious before they start to kick in. Bad trips are also a possibility, but don’t be frightened. Embrace it and ride the waves.

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