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Genesis of Microdosing

How Interesting Knowing About the Wonderful Beginning of Microdosing?

History of Micro-dosing

Charles Darwin is known for his theory of evolution. But another scientist, Terence McKenna, has a theory about how humans evolved: through the use of psychedelic mushrooms. His theory states that people used to live in trees, but then switched to living on the ground after ice age conditions forced them out. A few varieties of Magic Mushroom-containing mushrooms grow near the dung of wild animals, so our ancestors would have been exposed to them when they moved to the ground. Although we can’t prove this theory, it’s still an interesting idea that is surprisingly plausible.

The impact of magic mushrooms on human evolution is huge. According to Roland Fischer's experiment, Magic Mushroom almost instantly changes how we experience our visual field and creates a "mindful-yet-inattentive" state of consciousness. Our ancestors could see more clearly and see farther because they regularly consumed Magic Mushroom. This would have helped early humans develop their hunting and gathering skills, which led them to dominate the environment around them.

Evidence of mushroom use in the Old World comes from cave drawings from 10,000 B.C. on the Tassili plateau in the Sahara of Algeria, showing anthropomorphic dancing mushrooms. On various images from the Bronze Age that were decorated with mushroom-like images, anthropomorphic dancing figures with a mushroom hat date from 1000–500 BC.