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Psychedelic microdosing provides a means of cultivating an enhanced awareness of our bodies’ inherent intelligence. When we feel more connected to our bodies, we can choose healthier and more supporting foods. The most important thing is to be mindful, as it will also reflect on your dietary choices and long-term well-being. Microdosing isn’t a quick-fix solution but rather an invitation to explore and grow.

Detoxifying Your Body Before Microdosing

Detox diets vary, but they usually involve a period of fasting followed by a strict diet of raw veggies, fruits, fruit juices, and water. Some detox plans also suggest using dietary supplements alongside colon cleansing methods like enemas. These programs often claim to cleanse your whole body or specific organs and usually involve cutting back on calories. You may have tried a detox diet yourself and found it helpful.
However, for micronising purposes, the detox program is not so strict. Start by gradually reducing consumption of alcohol, tobacco products, sugar, and substance use. Also, try to upgrade your foot to organic and make sure to filter your water. There are many ways how you can detox your body, but remember, it’s just as important to detoxify your mind.


detox on a blue plate with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables around


Detoxifying Your Mind

After taking care of our bodies, we need to focus on our minds. We’ll become aware of patterns that don’t serve us and cleanse our minds of unnecessary burdens. The quality of our microdosing regimen depends on the quality of our minds and thoughts. Our mind is like a computer screen that projects what we store in the software. It’s up to us what we nurture, store, and rewind.


Microdosing Diet

The Microdose Diet is not just a regimen; it’s a commitment to daily improvement that touches every aspect of life. By integrating small, consistent practices, you can experience profound changes in their performance and well-being. It’s important to acknowledge that we all have different bodies and what works for some may not work for others. Listen to your body’s responses carefully each day and adjust the diet to your preference.


A basked from which healthy floods and magic mushrooms fly in the air depicting microdosing diet


Recommendations for Microdosign Diet

The important thing about your diet and microdosing is to eat mindfully, regardless of the food choices. Avoid looking at TV, or scrolling through social media, focus your mind on the food, its smell and taste. Eat slowly, chew food thoroughly, and be present in the moment. While individual sections to certain foods may vary depending on the individual, here are our recommendations for a microdosing diet:



If you want to stick to a diet plan, The Microdose Diet: The 90 Day Plan for More Success, Passion and Happiness is a great way to start. Combined with our 90-Day Microdosing Course it’s a perfect pair for anyone who wants to include proper microdosing practices into their lives.

Listen to Your Body, Be Mindful and Experiment

The most important thing in microdosing diet is to be mindful and listen to your body. As we are all different, so is our body chemistry. Our recommendations are based on healthy foods that are easy to digest. It’s important not to be a slave of your diet, adding a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine here and there won’t hurt. Listen carefully to your body and tune in to the world of microdosing with joy, adjusting the diet to your personal preferences.
Whatever foods you choose to include, be mindful and present at the moment, and view food as a source of enjoyment and gratitude. Feel free to experiment with different foods observing how your body reacts especially on transitional days or when you integrate the insights gained from Mother Earth.

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