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The Benefits of Macrodosing magic mushrooms

Evidence from archaeological findings suggests that humans have been macrodosing magic mushrooms, for medicinal and ceremonial purposes for thousands of years. In Central America, the Aztec and Mazateca cultures regarded these mushrooms as possessing divine properties and used them during important events such as coronations until the 1500s.

Despite the opposition and criminalization of their use by various institutions and governments, particularly after the colonization of the Americas, magic mushrooms continued to be cultivated, grown and consumed privately across the world. In the 1960s, the use of these mushrooms became associated with psychedelia and the counterculture movement among the youth.

Currently, people use shrooms for various reasons, including medicinal and recreational purposes. In modern times, medical researchers are exploring the potential of these mushrooms in treating some mental and behavioral health conditions. As the research continues to reveal their therapeutic benefits, there is a growing push for easing legal restrictions on mushroom possession in the United States. Let’s take a better look at what benefits macrodosing possesses.

What is Macrodosing magic mushrooms

Macrodosing refers to taking a high dose, which can lead to a profound psychedelic experience. It’s important to note that one should macrodose in a therapeutic setting rather than recreationally.

The key to successful macrodosing is intention setting and integration therapy. Intention setting involves preparing before the psychedelic journey by reflecting on what you’ve been struggling with, what you hope to accomplish, and what experiences you’d like to have. Proper preparation is essential for a successful psychedelic journey. It’s best to take in a setting that feels safe and where intentions are set and gratitude is expressed.

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Difference Between Microdosing and Macrodosing magic mushrooms

Microdosing and macrodosing are two methods of consuming , but they differ greatly in their intended purposes and effects. Microdosing involves taking sub-perceptual amounts , typically between a tenth to a twentieth of a macrodose. The goal of microdosing is not to achieve hallucinogenic effects, but rather to enhance well-being, access an elevated level of equilibrium, and provide an alternative treatment for Mental clarity disorders. Microdosing can also produce milder effects, such as improved mood, concentration, and creativity, without altering one’s perceptual abilities.

In general, macrodosing produces a wider range of perceptual effects that are more intense than those produced by microdosing. However, microdosing can offer gentler variations of the benefits without the physical reactions that may impair regular daily functioning. The decision between microdosing and macrodosing ultimately depends on one’s goals and intentions for using If someone is looking to experience the full hallucinogenic effects of psychedelics or pursue deep inner exploration, then macrodosing may be more appropriate. Whereas, if someone is looking to improve productivity, creativity, and general mood throughout the day, then microdosing may be a better fit.

benefits of macrodosing magic mushrooms

Benefits of Macrodosing Magic Mushrooms

Although magic mushrooms are often associated with hallucinations, they’re not exactly a party drug. They have potential health benefits beyond their psychedelic effects. Let’s take a glance at the potential health benefits of macrodosing .

1. It Can Treat Depression

A study conducted in 2022 examined the effects , the primary psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms, on 27 individuals with a prolonged history of depression. Over the course of August 2017 to April 2019, participants received two doses of every two weeks.

The study found that the participants’ depression levels remained low even after 1, 3, 6, and 12 months following the treatment. This is a significant discovery, but the researchers acknowledged the need for further research to investigate the correlation between and depression. Specifically, it is essential to determine whether the treatment’s effects can be sustained beyond the 12-month mark.

2. It Can Treat Anxiety

A 2016 study indicated that macrodosing significantly and swiftly reduced anxiety, despair, and feelings of helplessness in cancer patients.

The ability of to alter perception and mind is one of the reasons it may be useful in treating mental illnesses. Mushrooms can act as a catalyst for the therapeutic process, making patients more susceptible to suggestions. When combined with professional psychotherapy, it can be a one-two punch. A single dose of psychedelic-assisted therapy can be as effective as multiple sessions of traditional psychotherapy alone. Mushrooms can bring up intense memories and emotions, leading to profound insights in patients. However, more studies are needed to research and better understand these claims.

3. It Can Help With Headaches

According to one study carried out in 2017, macrodosing psychedelic substances like magic mushrooms can potentially be beneficial in the treatment of migraines and cluster headaches. On the other hand, a small study revealed that macrodosing magic mushrooms can actually lead to headaches, leaving us in a great debate about whether it’s helpful or not. Hopefully, further research will clarify the effects of magic mushrooms in this medical field.

4. It Can Help Treat Substance Abuse

Macrodosing magic mushrooms has been studied recently for its potential to aid people addicted to various substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs. One particular study examined the macrodosing magic mushrooms in the treatment of alcohol dependence and the results are mind-blowing. Researchers found out that magic mushrooms indeed helped decrease drinking and alcohol cravings.

5. It Can Lead to Life-Changing Spiritual Experiences

Psychedelic substances, including magic mushrooms , have the potential to induce states in which our perception of reality becomes detached from our individual sense of self, which may be recognized as an artificial creation. According to a 2017 study, these brief episodes of ego death can be advantageous when experienced in an appropriate setting. These transformative and sometimes profound encounters can enhance our sense of connectivity and vitality, while also stimulating creativity. Additionally, there are hundreds of anecdotal reports all over the internet of people changing the way they perceive life after a macrodose.

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Final Word

While both microdosing and macrodosing can offer an array of health advantages, studies are mostly focused on the benefits of macrodosing. It’s proven that, when combined with psychotherapy, macrodosing magic mushrooms can aid in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and substance addiction and can even lead to life-changing spiritual journeys. It’s even been studied for the treatment of physiological ailments related to pain. Overall, magic mushrooms is a promising compound, and we hope to see more research on its potential benefits in the future.

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